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Scamcoin is an attempt to make money from regular members of the Ravencoin community. Invest today!

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Scamcoin solves all the problems with cryptocurrency, me not having any. If you buy scamcoin, I will make money, and you might too if somehow scamcoin becomes worth something some day!

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Email me to trade your RVN for Scamcoin! 1RVN=100SCAM

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Hold Scamcoin forever and hope you get rich! Maybe you will, maybe you wont! (You Wont)


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We are the best team ever, comprised of many people with diverse backgrounds and *insert blockchain buzzword here*! We have *insert number of years* of blockchain experience and would never ever dare to tell a lie.

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Please Just Buy The Damn Coin

We burned 500 RVN to create 1,000,000 Scamcoin. Scamcoin is the future, the past, and the present. It is not a reissuable asset and has a limited supply. We think that matters maybe! You can buy Scamcoin at a rate of 1 RVN : 100 Scamcoin. This is the best deal ever created in the history of the universe. If you send 1 RVN to this address RDMPMSogpF5WK3FWvMeT5sF1RJqdCCaiga I will send you 100 SCAM to the sending address.

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This is the amount of time you have left to buy Scamcoin! It absolutely in no way will refresh back to 90 days if you reload this webpage. Buy today!

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We would love to hear from you and your opinions on Scamcoin. Please email us at
Also to the right we have a map of a place in San Francisco. Maybe we are headquartered there, maybe we are not. I will just say we are! Yes we are the entire Mission District of San Francisco!